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Isoprene Emission, Plant-Insect Interactions N2O, Emissions, Tropical Rain Forests, Global Inventory, Biogeochemical Model
Mixing-layer Height, Annual and Diurnal Variation, Remote Sensing Techniques Regional Climate-Chemistry Simulations, Gas Phase Transformations, Photooxidants, UV-Radiation
Water Vapor Profiling, Differential Absorption Lidar, Troposphere, Sounding Technique Solar FTIR, Near Infrared, Invers Modelling, Satellite Validation, Kyoto Process
TERENO, Climate Feedback Observatory, Ammer Catchment, Lysimeter Network, Water Balance GLOWA-Volta, Volta Basin, Weather Forecast, Water Resource Management, Decision Support System

Measuring the Atmospheric Environment at IMK-IFU

The IMK-IFU runs mobile and stationary equipment in close cooperation with its Earth system modelling efforts and hosts the World Calibration Centre (WCC) for N2O and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the Centre of Stable Isotopes (CSI).
solar dome
Solar dome
Surface flux chambers