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Tom Pugh

Dr. Thomas Pugh

group: Plant-Atmosphere Interactions
room: 191
phone: +49 8821 183 152
fax: +49 8821 183 294
thomas pughSPAM∂kit edu

Research Interests

  • Biogeochemical and physical interactions between terrestrial vegetation and the atmosphere, on a variety of timescales, including land-use change.
  • The influence of vegetation on atmospheric chemistry and air pollution, and feedbacks that may ensue.
  • The performance of vegetation in the urban system and the services it provides.


  • The CiTTyCAT atmospheric chemistry model, see here for more details.

Curriculum Vitaeè


05/12- Post-doc researcher for the EMBRACE and LUC4C projects at IMK-IFU.
05/10-04/12 Post-doc researcher in the Atmospheric Science Theme at Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, U.K.


10/2010 Ph.D. in Environmental Science (Atmospheric Chemistry), Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, U.K.
07/2007 B.Sc. Environmental Science, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, U.K.

Peer-reviewed publications

Pugh, T. A. M., Ashworth, K., Wild, O., Hewitt, C. N.: Effects of the spatial resolution of climate data on estimates of biogenic isoprene emissions, Atmos. Environ., 70, 1-6, http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1352231013000071, 2013.

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See also http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-18873391 and http://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/121-a14/.

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See also http://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2013/dec/17/planet-climate-change-risk-drought-famine-epidemic

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Books and other publications

Lombardi, D. R., Leach, J. M., Rogers, C. D. F, Aston, R., Barber, A., Boyko, C. T., Brown, J., Bryson, J., Butler, D., Caputo, S., Caserio, M., Coles, R., Cooper, R. F. D., Coyne, R., Farmani, R., Gaterell, M., Hale, J., Hales, C., Hewitt, C. N., Hunt, D. V. L., Jancovic, L., Jefferson, I., MacKenzie, A. R., Memon, F. A., Phenix-Walker, R., Pugh, T. A. M., Sadler, J. P., Weingaertner, C., and Whyatt, J. D.: Designing Resilient Cities: A Guide to Good Practice. IHS BRE Press, Bracknell, UK, 2012. https://connect.innovateuk.org/web/urban-futures1/overview

Urban air quality leaflet in conjunction with the Woodland trust. See http://www.woodlandtrust.presscentre.com/News-Releases/Trees-help-you-breathe-more-easily-ac9.aspx