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Staff Council (Personalrat) of IMK-IFU at KIT

A new staff council has been elected on April 27, 2010. Its term is four years.

Our task is to help all staff of the institute in Garmisch with meaningful and convenient working conditions.

Please address us via firstname.name (at) kit.edu.


 Name  Function
 Carsten Jahn  Chairman
 Renate Forkel  Vice-Chairman
 Stefan Emeis  
 Stefan Schmid  
 Georg Willibald  
 Rüdiger Grote
 Wolfgang Junkermann  
 Matthias Mauder  
 Hannes Vogelmann  

The first five persons are regular members of the staff council, the others replace them in case of absence.

We are working closely together with the staff council of KIT Campus North and South in Karlsruhe.